Dr. Tiner is passionate about natural, elegant cosmetic rejuvenation of the face and neck.

Face & Neck

As we age, our faces lose the full, soft appearance that is characteristic of youth.  The resulting skin laxity loss of muscle tone shows up in wrinkles, a sagging jawline and crepe-ish look in the skin on the neck. You look tired even when you’ve had a full night’s sleep.   A variety of cosmetic procedures offer a number of options to help turn back time and restore your look to a naturally younger picture of yourself.

Dr. Tiner offers a full spectrum of treatments ranging from injectable products both brand name and natural fat transfer, to surgical solutions.  He’ll work closely with you to help determine the best combination based on your personal goals and budget.  And you can rest assured that Dr. Tiner strives for a natural and elegant result that suits you best.


One of the first signs of aging comes in the form of forehead wrinkles  – in part a caveat of our beautiful California weather as well as the toll that time and work takes.  The brow, however, is an area that offers great opportunity for improving the overall youthfulness of the face.

With a simple procedure, Dr. Tiner is able to soften scowl lines, dramatically open your eyes, and even improve the shape of your eyebrows, which lose their natural arch as the skin on the brow sags.


While Spock-like ears may be fashionable if you’re Vulcan, not so much here on earth! High profile ears can be a significant issue. Correcting this problem is relatively simple, and leaves the patient with the ability to style their hair as they wish, confident that protruding or misshapen ears are not drawing unwanted attention.

In addition, ageing ears may develop hanging or drooping earlobes, or damage from decades of heavy earrings.

Though these problems as well as cupped and protruding ears differ in appearance, their resolution offers every patient the same benefit of increased self-confidence.   In addition to ear pinning and repair of damaged earlobes, Dr. Tiner also offers earlobe rejuvenation in which a hanging lobe is tucked and shortened.


Your lips say a lot about you; that you spent your summers in the sun; that you have a high stress job; that you’ve passed your 40th birthday.  Whatever it may be, there are options that will change the story they tell.  

Your lips offer a unique opportunity to improve your overall appearance by undergoing just slight alterations. With the combined effect of enhancing fullness and diminishing fine lines around the mouth, lip restoration can take thin and aged lips from understated to naturally full and youthful – sometimes significantly improving the overall appearance of the entire face.

Using just one, or a combination of procedures including fillers, fat transfer or augmentation, Dr. Tiner can transform thin or aging lips into an attractive highlight that compliments the rest of the facial features.

Chin & Jaw

Much of what contributes to the overall attractiveness of the face comes from the underlying structure.  Prominent cheekbones, a strong chin, and a distinct, well-proportioned jaw all provide balance and definition to the face.   Lacking any or all of these can translate to a slanting profile, a round or square face, and a lack of distinction between the head and the neck.  As well, nothing says “getting on in years” like the sagging jawline or “jowls” that develop as we hit our 50s.

This is an area in which Dr. Tiner is uniquely qualified due to his specialized training in oral and maxillofacial surgery.  Depending on the particular quality of your face that you wish to improve there are a number of procedures to choose from to correct facial disharmony and create or improve the structural features from Chin Augmentation to Jaw Reduction and Contouring to elimination of jowls.


The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest on the body and often is the first place to show signs of aging.  Whether crow’s feet, hooding of the eyelids, or the bags that form under the eyes, the appearance of one’s eyes can have a dramatic overall effect on the appearance of the face as a whole.  Thankfully, correction of these problem areas offers a stark improvement, restoring a youthful brightness to the patient with minimal discomfort and downtime.


A well-proportioned nose is the most dramatic way to draw attention to the eyes and mouth and is an important aspect of an aesthetically pleasing profile.  Altering a nose that is too large, too wide, or misshapen can have a dramatic effect on the overall facial balance and appearance. As well, in the case of a deviated septum or large turbinate bones, it can also significantly improve function.