Dr. Tiner M.D.

Dr. Tiner is an established, board certified, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who has been serving the Pasadena area for over a decade. Well known in the community and with a unique breadth of training among Pasadena Surgeons, Dr. Tiner has treated thousands of patients ranging from traditional cosmetic cases, to weight-loss patients, breast cancer survivors, and children with congenital defects such as cleft lip and palate.

Dr. Tiner received his specialized training from a number of prestigious institutions across the country. He began his medical career unusually with a degree in dentistry from Northwestern University followed by a fellowship in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Dissatisfied with the limited scope of his practice, he went on to get an MD at Medical College of Virginia; subsequently training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Huntington Hospital – here in Pasadena – and University of Tennessee respectively.

It is clear from both his success in dentistry as well as Plastic and Reconstructive surgery that Dr. Tiner possesses the creative artistic value to construct personalized cosmetic treatment plans, addressing the specific aesthetic and functional needs of his patients, as well as the technical skills to ensure exceptional outcomes.

A Hawaii native, Dr. Tiner is praised by patients and peers alike for his genuine personality and his down to earth and straight-forward treatment style – holding patient comfort and satisfaction to the highest standard.

“As a physician, I believe it’s my job to be open and approachable; to educate patients and share my experience and advice, while at the same time holding their goals and concerns in the highest regard – it’s really a partnership more than anything else.”

Despite a full caseload, Dr. Tiner makes time to give back to several community and international organizations he has become deeply invested in. He volunteers at Huntington Hospitals Community Clinic for indigent patients, offering reconstructive surgery to cancer survivors and trauma victims who would be unable to obtain it otherwise. Additionally, he travels to Latin American and Africa each year with International Medical Alliance Helps and the Phil Simon Institute, donating his time and technical skill to improving the lives of the medically underserved.