Before & After


As we age, our faces lose the full, soft appearance that is characteristic of youth. The resulting skin laxity loss of muscle tone shows up in wrinkles, a sagging jawline and crepe-ish look in the skin on the neck. You look tired even when you’ve had a full night’s sleep. A variety of cosmetic procedures offer a number of options to help turn back time and restore your look to a naturally younger picture of yourself.


As we age our body ages with us.  Weight gain or loss (or both), pregnancy, and reduced muscle volume are just a few of the factors that contribute to the overall transformation that our bodies experience with time.

Depending on the degree to which your life has taken over Dr. Tiner offers several procedures to help you keep up, get your shape back, and even make improvements on what you were born with!


For many women, breasts are a key part of their sense of femininity. Normal aging, pregnancy and nursing and weight fluctuation can all diminish the roundness and projection of the breast. Many women look for options to restore the full and round quality they had before life happened.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes; but whether you are simply looking for a younger look or hoping to have the breasts you were not born with, Dr. Tiner offers a number of treatment options to restore or create breasts that better suit you physically and emotionally.