Dieting and exercising can’t always address the most stubborn areas of the body.

As we age our body ages with us.  Weight gain or loss (or both), pregnancy, and reduced muscle volume are just a few of the factors that contribute to the overall transformation that our bodies experience with time.

Depending on the degree to which your life has taken over Dr. Tiner offers several procedures to help you keep up, get your shape back, and even make improvements on what you were born with!  

Done having children? Perhaps a Tummy Tuck will help get you back in pre-pregnancy shape.

Can’t lose those stubborn saddlebags? Liposuction can help provide the silhouette that leg lifts and dieting don’t seem to impact.

Batwings starting to appear? An arm lift can help diminish their appearance.

Come in for a free consultation and see if Dr. Tiner has an appropriate solution to your unique challenges.

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